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Brand new offers on Clear Lake, NY ... plus Heron Pond, Pork Creek and other New York waterfront land bargains.

Join the 2020-2022 land rush. New waterfront properties are going fast, please call now.

Also see New Homes now up at Portaferry Lake, Salmon Riverbank, Payne Lake and other Land First locations.



View over 4 brand new Lake Properties at Clear Lake -

5 acres, 200' Clear Lake, brook, boat landing: $99,900

5.1 acres, 305' Clear Lake peninsula point, cove: $149,900

17 acres, 200' Clear Lake, 500' on beaver pond, brook: $139,800

30 acres, 200' Clear Lake, 1000' beaver pond, brook: $179,700

5 acres, Clear Lake access, 462' road, big woods: $29,900

Plus other Clear Lake opportunities, call for more info


Tour 5 acres, 133' Portaferry Lake, boy scout cabin, decking to lake dock: $249,900 firm.

Join over $5,000,000 new lake homes, new water front cabins and Land First land sales at Portaferry Lake.

Portaferry Lake is a former Boy Scout Adirondack Lake Camp Property, off the retail market for about 70 years.

This Portaferry Lake property is considered a temporary reserve offer, that may end at any moment by us the owner.

Moon Lake, NY and Payne Lake, NY - Now Sold Out - 14 lake properties recently SOLD.



Discover 6 brand new Pond Properties at Heron Pond

5 acres, 200' Heron Pond and 280' Pork Creek: $49,900

21 acres, 1000' Heron Pond, long peninsula, brook: $49,900

5 acres, 500' Heron Pond, 1007' Road: $39,900

15 acres, 3 ponds, 400' Heron Pond, plus Bingo Pond, Camp Pond, and 2 brooks: $49,900

36 acres, about 1500' on Heron Pond, plus 2 other ponds and 2 live water brooks: $99,800

48 acres, 1000' Heron Pond, 1901' Pork Brook, 200' Beaver Brook: $99,800


View 4 brand new Pond Properties at Beaver Pond

12.2 acres, over 600' on Beaver Pond, mature woods: $39,900

24.12 Acres, about 1300' on Beaver Pond, nice woods: $79,800

11 acres, about 700' on Beaver Pond, gated drive: $39,900

17 acres, over 500' on Beaver Pond with 200' on Clear Lake: $139,800


See over 14 new Stream Properties on Pork Creek, Beaver Brook and Pork Brook


5 acres, 380' Pork Creek, plus 1315' stream fishing rights: $29,900

9 acres, 255' Pork Creek, plus 1315' stream fishing rights: $39,900

5.3 acres, 280' Pork Creek, 200' pond front, plus 1315' fishing rights: $49,900

9 acres, 400' Pork Creek, plus 1315' stream fishing rights, 725' brook: $34,900

14.24 acres, 625' Pork Creek, 1315' stream fishing rights: $69,800


15 acres, over 300' of Beaver Brook, plus 449' along Pork Brook: $39,900

30 acres, over 600' of Beaver Brook, plus 791' along Pork Brook: $79,800

51.63 acres, 800' of Beaver Brook, 1389' Pork Brook, 1000' Pond: $129,700


26 acres, 1901' along Pork Brook, nice woods, end of seasonal town road: $49,900

31 acres, over 2100' along Pork Brook, own on 3 ponds, about 400' of Beaver Brook: $99,800

42 acres, 1901' Pork Brook, 340' Beaver Brook, over 1400' road fronts on 3 roads: $89,800

48 acres, 1901' Pork Brook, 1000' Waterfront Peninsula on Heron Pond, 200' Beaver Brook: $99,800

51 acres, over 1300' along Pork Brook, 1000' pond front, over 1000' along Beaver Brook: $129,700

63 acres, 3 ponds, 2 brooks, 3 roads with over 3000' Road Front, old Bear Hunting Cabin, nice woods: $149,700

78 acres, over 2100' along Pork Brook, own on 3 ponds, over 1000' along Beaver Brook: $179,600

102.64 acres, over 2100' Pork Pork, 1000' Heron Pond, 1300' Beaver Pond, 700' Beaver Brook: $259,400


Call for info at 315-387-2600.


CLEAR LAKE, NY: New lake properties for sale - brand new! After decades of corporate and county ownership, Clear Lake will for the first time ever be offering 5 acre lake properties for sale. Off the retail waterfront market for generations, the 2 former corporate owners held about 2,000 acres and the entire body of Clear Lake, until now. Unlocked and hidden for years and years, these 5 acre lake properties have never built upon, be the first to establish a lake house on this new lake acreage. Legacy grade waterfront worth handing down for generations. Clear Lake is a natural glacial lake in the traditional classic Adirondack style, encircled with towering trees and filled with crystal clear water. Clear Lake area also has several ponds, brooks and Pork Creek located nearby with other waterfront land for sale offerings, including land ownership opportunities on Heron Pond, Beaver Pond, Pork Creek and Beaver Brook.

Do yourself a favor and see these waterfront opportunities, you will not be disappointed. Fish for trophy bass and perch. Canoe or kayak on mirror crystal waterways encircled with towering woods. Swim in the clearest waters you may have ever encountered. Inhale nature. Commune with wildlife. This is true “off the grid” wilderness for the adventurous privacy seeker. This lake property has the Adirondack look and a true North County wilderness feel. Prompt closings with Bargain and Sale Deed with Certified Abstract Availability. Wildlife includes black bears, loons, eagles, bob cats, and more. This is woods, waters and wildlife within deep forest lakeside setting. Land First is the owner of these rare waterfront properties and our main land office is located in Lacona, New York since 1998.

Ideal recreationalist location just south of the two Oswegatchie River Boat Launches in Edwards, NY and just east of the Adirondack Park entrance at Fine, NY. Access over 500,000 local state land acres for endless boating, hunting, hiking and more, but just outside the Adirondack Forest for easier potential building and development. Clear Lake is between Trout Lake State Forest and Lake Bonaparte State Forest, between Wolf Lake State Forest and the famous Adirondack State Forest, use all these local New York State lands for endless adventure and exploration. We (Land First) have helped over 500 discerning land buyers like yourself own dream waterfront and unique water-use properties over the last 23 years.

Pre-tours now booking, call now for more information and to be the very first to see these properties, call 315-387-2600.

NY Land, Cabins, Waterfront, Lakes with New Homes Available:

See brand new 5 acres, 200' Clear Lake, with brook, and boat landing: $99,900

Tour 21 acres, 1000' Heron Pond, long peninsula, brook: $49,900

Discover 5.2 acres, 380' Pork Creek, plus 1315' stream fishing rights: $29,900

View new waterfront homes now up from various proven builders with local financing available.

Since 1998 we have helped hundreds like you own legacy grade waterfront.

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