New Lake Home 152' on Lake $279,900


NEW LAKE HOME - 1.53 acres 122' on PAYNE LAKE: starting at $279,900.

Enjoy a new lake house at Payne Lake. Own a custom 2500 square foot +/- lake home starting at $279,900 - turn key includes land, lakefront, well, septic and finishes.
UPDATE: Payne Lake has had 9 recent waterfront sales, with 2 new custom homes now up, and 3 more planned in the next year. Our Payne Lake properties are over 50% sold out - yes it is that nice! If you wish to join a healthy growth environmental with new lake homes valued at $180,000 to $350,000 ranges, then this is the legacy lake opportunity for you. Call now to meet proven builders, see custom lake homes now under construction, mix and match building ideas from dozens of new waterfront homes, and explore financing options from various local sources. Own new - not used. Avoid the money pitfalls of "fixer-uppers" and don't own near other run down properties, you can build a healthy future with other new lake homes. Do it right the first time, do it your way - please call today.

View 5 new lake properties ready for your dream waterfront home. Dramatic views of epic glacial lake encircled by 1600 acre of state forest. Vast state forests protect your lake views on 3 sides and provide endless outdoor recreation. Rare, unique and truly a once in a lifetime situation.

Scenic beauty is not the only reason to own Payne Lake, call and ask about Payne Lake's potential property tax saving, a unique saving that could continue for decades potentially saving you for generations to come, making Payne Lake worth the extra drive time and worthy of a phone call to book your personal tour today. 

New lake home - 3 bedrooms/ 2 baths - about 2500 square feet +/- on 1.53 acres with 122 feet of lakefront, includes new driveway, new decking, and 2 new docks: $279,900.

THIS LAKE HOME IS MORE AFFORDABLE THAN THE NATIONAL AVERAGE NEW HOME and our land parcels are larger than the northeastern average new home parcel too. Recent US census figures reported the average new home for about 2500 square feet new built in America is selling for $351,000, so starting priced at a $279,900 makes this is a bargain! Also our new home would be on a LAKE and includes 1.6 acres - US CENSUS average new build land is usually not on a lake, and average parcel size is just 0.30 acres for new homes verses our larger 1.53 acres. So own more than 5 times the national average sized new home land parcel, on a LAKE and the new home starting price is more affordable than the recent national average cost too.

See 12 new lake homes now under construction on our other signature Land First lake properties. Connect with proven builders and discover local financing available from various sources. See why 12 other folks like yourself recently selected lake property from Land First and are currently building their dream home.

New custom built lake home property - 2500 square foot +/- lake house, 1.53 acres, 122 feet on lake, decking and docks: $279,900 starting price.

Also see the brand new log-style lake home just sold and built east of this 1.53 acres on former Land First lake property. You can build too!

Financing available for well qualified buyers with $56,000 down and a $223,900 loan for 30 years at current 4.53% fixed rates would be just $1,138.46 a month. All pricing and terms subject to change and are based upon timing, options, builder and current bank terms/rates, all which may change without notice. 

Rare and unique - truly a once in a lifetime situation. Payne Lake's scenic beauty is simply epic. Since 1998 we have never offered better lake views than Payne Lake. The 1600 acre state forest and adjoining DEC protected lands, protects 3 of the 4 sides of this glacial lake from development, keeping the natural lake views pristine and forever wild. Explore the 1600 acre state forest for endless recreation too! The jaw dropping beauty is enough to own Payne Lake, however there are other reasons making Payne Lake worth the extra drive. Call and ask about a unique property tax situation that currently exists in the Payne Lake area and may continue to exist for generations to come. This potential savings when compared to other New York lakes makes it worth the call now. Also our local proven builders (who are currently building 12 other lake homes on former Land First signature lakes for new lake property owners like yourself) are able to offer more affordable turn key homes than the national averages suggest. So please make the call today to see Payne Lake and view new lake home options, meet proven builders and discover local financing all in one appointment. We look forward to your call.

Since 1998 Land First has helped hundreds of discerning waterfront property owners find their dream property. You can own the dream too!

UPDATE: Our Payne Lake offerings are over 50% sold out, many new lake homes are now planned, please meet with our builders and get in the quick line for a brand new custom lake home. A dream lake home that is new not used and done your way, the right way. Join forces with many other lake homes to help assure your dream property has a long healthy future.

New custom built lake home property - 2500 square foot +/- lake house, 1.53 acres, 122 feet on lake, decking and docks: $279,900 starting price.

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