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Ever dream of owning a new lake home?

Or a custom waterfront cabin?

Land First has helped hundreds of people like yourselves become new waterfront property owners since 1998. Dozen of folks like you have recently purchased from us, and are now enjoying a new lake house, or a custom waterfront cabin. You can build your dream lake home too. It's easier than you think, call us, Land First has been helping others secure this dream for 20 years.

Please explore the lake home images found here, and surf our Land First website for info, then contact us by email or call us at 315-387-2600. We look forward to visiting with you about your dream lake home!

The new lake home images found here are recent new lake houses built at Payne Lake and at our other signature NY lake (now sold out). Yes - our lake offers are that good! Payne Lake has 5 lake parcels ready for your new home, with builders currently on Payne Lake completing other new lake homes now. Book your appointment to see these new lake homes and explore lake home options.

New Lake Home, 3 story, 2500 SF+/-, 3 Bedroom, 2 full baths, on 1.6 acres with 152' Payne Lake, new docks/decking, septic, well, turnkey - $285,000 Starting estimate +/-.

Join 24 of our recent lake property transfers, own within healthy growth, including :
- 12 new lake homes, up or now going up.
- 7 new lake cabins (or upgraded waterfront cabins).
- 4 new (or upgraded) accessory out buildings (complementing the main structures).
- 4 waterfront building sites now being prepped for new lake homes...with more likely to follow.

See: 1.53 acres, 122 feet of lakefront on Payne Lake: $80,000

The 1.53 acres enjoys a new lake home now going up on the lake parcel to the east. Also the lake parcel to the west recently sold for $175,000, so at $89,900 this could be the bargain you have been looking for. Ideally located between two lake neighbors with growth in mind.

View: 5.02 acres, 457 feet of lakefront on Payne Lake, boat launch: $99,900

This 5.02 recently benefited from the new eastern neighbor who is upgrading a lake quest cabin with a new bath and kitchen and has cleared an area for their future new lake home. The western neighbor also has started development by bringing in electric and drilling a well, as well as clearing a waterfront building area planned for their future new lake house.

Explore: 5.21 acres, 351 feet of lakefront on Payne Lake: $99,800

To the west of this 5.21 acre lake property a recent lakefront buyer has cleared a section of his lake parcel with plans for construction. The 5.21 acre lake property enjoys a 50+ acre neighbor to the east, so a nice buffer of over 1000' of woods lays between this properties building site and the next lake cottage to the east. With 351' lakefront one could build towards the east and be fully buffered from both neighbors, yet be confident in knowing new lake homes are coming to the area.

Tour: 2.35 acres, 232' Payne Lake, 246' Paved Road by utilities, use 1,603 acre State Forest: $59,900

Join 12 new lake homes and custom waterfront houses now going up at Payne Lake, NY and at our recently sold out signature lake nearby. You can potentially be a part of a healthy waterfront setting within a strong growth environment, while having the confidence a proven local builder. Meet and select an established builder who can show you several recently completed lake homes and waterfront cabins. People who tour these new waterfront homes enjoy seeing the end results while learning what might fit their needs and get ideas from others who have made the dream become a reality. We stand ready to help your dream come true, your dream of lake property ownership.
CONSIDER: New Lake Home, 3 story, 2500 SF+/-, 3 Bedroom, 2 full baths, on 1.6 acres with 152' Payne Lake, new docks/decking, septic, well, turnkey - $285,000 Starting estimate +/-.

Discover: 22.42 acres, 232' on Payne Lake, 400' +/- Vrooman Creek, 546' Paved Road, use State Forest: $109,800 - Call for info.

You can potentially avoid the many pitfalls of owning a used lake property, when you own new (and custom) the way you want it, done right the first time. By avoiding old unplanned lake rows, with potentially old issues of  "abandoned" neighboring properties, you can instead join other new lake properties, that all are starting fresh and brand new, thus possibly keeping your values on a collective upswing.

Payne Lake is the pristine glacial lake setting you demand, this unique situation has builders who can assist you. Land First has proper the assurances and guarantees in place on the lakefront land for your future waterfront home. Please call on our full time staff, they are ready to show you the newest lake properties for sale, with knowledge of how to finance your plans too, if needed.

Please look at the amazing new lake home images, this gives you an idea just how rare and unique this Payne Lake New York offer truly is. Others are making the new lake home journey, you can too!

CONSIDER: New Lake Home, 3 story, 2500 SF+/-, 3 Bedroom, 2 full baths, on 1.6 acres with 152' Payne Lake, new docks/decking, septic, well, turnkey - $285,000 Starting estimate +/-.
(Please see the sixteenth (16th) image for this New Lake Home example package.)

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