N ew Home 2.5 acres 284' Salmon Riverbank $270,000

New Home or House with 2.5 acres 284 feet of Salmon Riverbank $270,000.

Altmar, NY (East of Pulaski, NY - along Salmon River, New York)

Enjoy a new custom 2500 sf new home with 2.52 acres and 284' Salmon Riverbank!

Proven house builder ready to build your dream custom fishing home along the Salmon River by Altmar, NY. Local financing available.

The 2.5 acres and 284' of Salmon Riverbank is offered for $84,900, so the 2500 sf new house starting base price is an additional $185,100, home price depends on exact details to build out, but could be completely finished within this current price range. Future home prices may very.

The images of this 2500 sf home is a waterfront house our proven builder has completed several times for other land buyers. The price of $270,000 cover the 2.5 acres and 284' Riverbank between Schoolhouse pools and Wire Holes just northwest of Altmar and the upper fly fishing zone. Includes 500' of paved road along bridge Street, electric, phone, septic system, drilled well and basic turn key custom new home.

New Home or House with 2.52 acres 284 feet of Salmon Riverbank $270,000.

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MORE INFO ON THE 3 acres with 300' of Salmon Riverbank below:

Salmon River - ALTMAR, NY

Off the market since 1920, never built upon yet, be the first!


2.5 acres with 284' of Salmon Riverbank, $84,900 with 500 feet of paved road, utility lines, between School House Pools and Wire Pools, just west of Altmar Bridge near Upper Fly Fishing Zone.

Local financing available, if needed.

Unique large acreage riverbank properties along Salmon Riverbank, up to 10 acres; this is a very rare, once in a lifetime offer.

Be the first to see 3 new Salmon Riverbank properties along Ellis Cove, Wire Holes and Schoolhouse Pools by Altmar, NY. Tour 8 acres with 671' Salmon Riverbank, or view 6 acres with 403' Riverbank, walk 3 new Salmon Riverbank properties!

Be the very first to tour these 3 new Salmon Riverbank properties and maybe be the very first to locate your fly fishing house here. Salmon River is home to many world and North American salmon and trout fishing records, but you already know this!

The Salmon River boasts two major fishing records - biggest Chinook Salmon ever caught in the Great Lakes region (weighing 47 pounds, 13 ounces) and the largest Coho Salmon (33 pounds, 4 ounces) caught anywhere on plant Earth.

Meet proven builders and see their local new build homes. Discover great financing packages. We have helped over 400 other land buyers secure their dream since 1998, now join them with complete confidence in owning a once in a lifetime legacy property along Salmon River. Ideal Salmon River location west of the Altmar Bridge near the Upper Fly Fishing Zone.

All properties come with paved road frontage and have utility lines running along each road front. Unique river side land and rare river side real estate for sale.

See 3 once-in-lifetime properties, acreage not on the market since 1920, including:

See Ellis Cove Salmon Riverbank Estates (only 3 offers, once they are gone, they are all gone):
10 acres 700' Salmon Riverbank SOLD with 680' paved road, utility lines, acreage by Ellis Cove.
8 acres 671' Salmon Riverbank $139,900 with 1045' paved road, utility lines, acreage by Ellis Cove.
10 acres 655' Salmon Riverbank SOLD with 417' paved road, utility lines, acreage by Wire Holes.

See Jake Basta Salmon Riverbank Estates (only 3 offers, once these are gone, no reserves):
3 acres 300' Salmon Riverbank SOLD
w/ 251' paved road, utility lines, by Schoolhouse Pools.
2.5 acres 284' Salmon Riverbank $84,900, 500' paved road, utilities, by Schoolhouse Pools.
6 acres 403' Salmon Riverbank $109,900 w/ 389' paved road, utility lines. acreage by Wire Holes.

Proven local financing available with historically great terms.

Once these 3 are sold, then it is over,  no more future releases are available. These are rare and unique offers, and will not last long.

Properties include recent survey, warranty deed, and title insurance availability... also includes paved road front, plowed road front, utility lines/poles along each road front, title insurance availability, public fishing easement along Salmon River to access miles of world class fishing for trophy salmon and record trout, full disclosure package, protective deed covenants, up to date documentation - potentially close within 3 to 4 weeks!

Do yourself a favor and pick up the phone and book your personal appointment to tour these Salmon Riverbank acreage before they are all gone, so please call now.

Call 315-387-2600 and ask for Bill or George.

Once in a lifetime opportunity, rare pristine riverside setting, unique legacy offer.
Never been built upon, be the first riverside home on these 3 large riverbank parcels.
Be a founding family at Salmon Riverbank Estates, a rare and unique pioneer situation.

Join 12 new lake homes and 7 waterfront cabins now under construction on our other recently sold;

Join 3 recetn sales here at Salmon Riverbank Estates, see new homes now going up. First new home from Virginia family is almost complete. Meet this proven builder on-site and tour his local custom homes, many to see in this exciting area.

See millions of dollars in home construction by proven local builders around the Salmon River area. You can build too! Meet builders, tour homes, mix and match ideas, enjoy local financing from proven sources too!

See 3 New Salmon Riverbank properties, with paved road by utilities, 3 properties here recently sold, new home going up!

Please book your personal appointment now.
Properties will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

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Better to call or email ahead and book your private tour of Salmon Riverbank Estates. You will not be disappointed, your family and friends may thank you for generations for securing this legacy property, please contact us now so we can visit and get you all the info you require.

Enjoy 12 miles of public fishing areas (described by NYSDEC below):

The Salmon River is located in Oswego County near the village of Pulaski. There are 12 miles of Public Fishing Rights (PFR’s) along the river. The Salmon River is a world class sport fishery for Chinook and coho salmon, Atlantic salmon, steelhead (rainbow trout),and brown trout. Smallmouth bass are also found in the river. The Salmon River is stocked annually with around 300,000 Chinook salmon, 80,000 coho salmon, 100,000 steelhead (rainbow trout) and 30,000 Atlantic salmon. Significant natural reproduction also takes place in the river. The Salmon River Fish Hatchery is located on a tributary to the Salmon River and is the egg collection point for all of the NYS Lake Ontario Chinook and coho salmon, and steelhead stocking program.

How big are these Salmon River Fish? - Link to see pictures of Salmon River NY Big Fish.

See 3 new Salmon Riverside properties, tour over 1350 feet of available riverbank for sale with over 1800 feet of paved road front with utilities, all held off the market for 96 years - until now. Two of these properties recently sold, new river home now going up, meet builder on-site, see new home.

Fish your Salmon Riverbank and connect to about 8 miles of public uninterrupted riverbank fishing from Altmar Bridge, down river 3 miles to Pineville Bridge, then fish 5 more miles down stream to the Pulaski Rail Road Bridge. Wow, that's over 40,000 feet of world class riverside fishing from your new Salmon Riverbank property.

ENJOY NEW STATE FOREST on the other side of the street. Hunt, fish and explore 2,825 acres of State Forest accross the road, much of it just added receently - brand new State Forest along the north side of the upper fly fishing zone along the Salmon River.

Also use the free Altmar boat launch by the Altmar Bridge/CO RT 52 and fish miles of river from the comfort of your drift boat. If you launch your boat from the Altmar Bridge public launch (County Route 52) and float down river, you then can fish and dock down stream and pick up with a second vehicle at a lower drift boat launch area, like the drift boat launch area at Pineville Bridge at County Route 48 (about 3 miles down stream) or at Compactor Pool at County Route 2A launch area (about 7 miles down the Salmon River from the Altmar Bridge).

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2.5 acres with 284' of Salmon Riverbank, $84,900 with 500 feet of paved road, utility lines, between School House Pools and Wire Pools, just west of Altmar Bridge near Upper Fly Fishing Zone.
Local financing available.

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