1 .6 acre Lake Property SOLD

NEW YORK LAKE PROPERTY SALE: See 5 new lake properties at Payne Lake!

1.6 acres, 152’ on lake, new drive off paved road, by utility lines, new docks - SOLD

***SOLD - Now see the 2 adjoining similar lake properties now for sale:
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View 1.53 acres with 122 feet on Payne Lake $119,900.
See 1.46 acres New 2015 Lake House 150' on Payne Lake $265,000.
Feel free to read the description on this page, much applies to these 2 new lake properties.

Epic Glacial Lake - Rare & Unique - Jaw Dropping Beauty:

Off the market for decades, never before offered lake property. Payne Lake is pristine waterfront on a glacial lake - undiscovered and natural. Be the very first person to locate your new lake home here! You can join the very select few founding lake members. A situation is so rare and unique, it’s truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

UPDATE on PAYNE LAKE - In 2015 and 2016 we have sold 9 lake properties and waterfront parcels around Payne Lake. Currently 100% of the lake access properties are now sold, and 50% of the lake properties are now sold. Two new waterfront homes are now up on former Land First properties. Also 2 additional lake homes are planned to go up as soon as possible by two other new owners here. See what others are seeing. Discover Payne Lake and join hundreds of thousands of dollars in ongoing improvements. Be a special part of something new, healthy and exciting. You can own a new custom home on the water for the price of many used lake homes. Do it right, do it your way - and own new, not used -

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The 180 degree views from the commanding building site are jaw dropping. You will not find a more beautiful setting, this is it. Discover scenic untouched shorelines punctuated by the state forest’s 100 foot tall sheer cliff granite ramparts. In 17 years of providing hundreds of waterfront properties, we never offered more scenic views than available on this new lake property.

Payne Lake is a natural glacial lake, uniquely formed over millions of years, not man-made, but hand crafted by Mother Nature. Visitors are amazed at the pristine shorelines and the unmatched scenic beauty.  The epic views are simply jaw dropping - inspect the attached images for yourself. Everyone is also pleasantly shocked to learn that 3 of the 4 lakesides should stay natural. The setting should remain forever wild because both ends of the lake are mostly inaccessible, and the longest side of the lake is a 1600 acre state forest. All 3 lakeside views are protected by state forest, very unique to have 180 degree lake views all protected. Views are protected because future lake homes cannot be built on the opposite state forest shores! This massive 1600 acre green-space is vast and stunning. Besides preserving your amazing views, explore the state forest for endless recreation too. See lake waters meet state forests, accented by towering granite ramparts. Own epic lake property with forever wild protected views, very unique.


Today it is both rare and refreshing to find a lake where wildlife outnumbers the people. View loons fishing, eagles soaring, osprey diving. Spy deer, see wild bob cats and more. Discover trophy fishing for bass, pike and massive tiger muskie. Paddle canoes and float kayaks along-side the powerful lakeside cliffs and into small granite wall caves.  Also enjoy light motor boats up to 10 horsepower. This smaller motor size is great for fishing, but even better for keeping the lake quite (no large power boat sounds nor jet-ski noises). A single state boat launch on the far western end of Payne Lake is ideal for getting boats onto the lake and to your docks. Because the state forest on Payne Lake is far more land than the private acreage this rare natural situation should continue for generations.
Payne Lake is about 150 acres of surface area and has about 2.9 miles of shorelines, the largest owner of shoreline on the lake is the State of New York being 1600 acres of state land called Pulpit Rock State Forest.

See 2 new waterfront homes now going up at Payne Lake, join them - You can build too!
Own this lake property with a new 2500 square foot home - $299,900 start.

For maximum seclusion and optimal privacy Payne Lake is perfectly located between the Thousand Islands (Alexandria Bay International Resort just north) and the Adirondacks (Adirondack Park just east), in the heart of the Indian River Lakes Region. Explore over 15 inland lakes and 3 major rivers (Indian River, Oswegotchie River and Saint Lawrence River). Unplug to recharge, escape within dozens of lakes and rivers -  all surrounded by woods, state forests and endless wildlife.


Why undiscovered? Maybe because the vast New York state forest (and the low areas near the state forest) have kept people off the lake on 3 of the 4 sides. Only a few families have owned the remaining private shorelines and they have kept the land mostly undeveloped for decades. This undiscovered lake is ideally located between the Adirondacks and 1000 Islands so you can explore both regions. The Thousand Island rock outcroppings and Adirondack woods give Payne Lake a feeling of both great areas. Being between the Adirondack and the Thousand Islands most people have not been to this “in between area” of Payne Lake. Because it is remote, it has remained scenic. Because it is slightly farther and harder to get to, then it should remain mostly natural.


Payne Lake is reason enough for your dream lake home, but here are some bonuses to make this an absolute dream come true. This 1.6 acres comes with 152 feet along Payne Lake and also enjoy the new stairway and decking that gives you easy access to your lakefront. This lake property also includes 2 new large floating docks (4’x20’ each) and are connected to the decking and stairs. Relax knowing this lake property also includes a new driveway off the paved road to a cleared building site with commanding views. The cleared site was smartly done, allowing the massive hardwoods and tall pines to encircle your future lake home, while opening nice views to the lake and state forests. Enjoy a recent survey, title insurance availability and a warranty deed (best deed form available in New York State). We own the property and have done all the pre-work so you can close as fast as 2 or 3 weeks.  We have helped hundreds of unique people like yourself become new property owners since 1998.


Here are some more benefits you can enjoy with Payne Lake. Need a new home? We can show you several new lake homes currently built or under construction in the region. Need financing? We can help you secure local financing with several solid sources. Need a builder? We have proven local builders with models and lake homes they can show you on your tour. Want more proof? Then see 12 new lake homes and 7 upgraded cabins our new customers have recently constructed on our other prime lakefront at Payne Lake and on our other nearby signature lake that has recently sold out. Yes, of our recent 20 lake property transfers, 12 new homes and 7 updated cabins have all been commissioned. Also see the new log style home our newest Payne Lake customer is building just east of here. (Utility lines are now close to this 1.6 acre lake property with easements to help with connection).

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Great local financing for well qualified buyers from proven sources like 35% down ($34,965) at 7.9% fixed rate for 15 years just $616.81 per month!


If you are not willing to look at Payne Lake because the drive is not convenient, or it is too far, then this is exactly why you should look. If it was easy to get to, it would have been over-developed decades ago. Because of the undiscovered area, others have stayed away. Most who read this will stay away, but a select few will become the smart benefactors of having Payne Lake to themselves. Because Payne Lake was lost, you now can be found. You are looking for lake property because you need to unplug to recharge. Payne Lake is the quiet piece of paradise you have been looking for. If you are interested in becoming a pioneer member of Payne Lake, then contact us now. If you see yourself as a “founding family”, then the lake’s epic beauty and jaw dropping scenery awaits you. This is legacy grade lakefront - enjoyable for generations. If you look at one lake property this year, make it a signature lake, make it Payne Lake, it is worth it, you will not be disappointed.

Payne Lake Property:

1.6 acres, 152’ on Lake, drive off paved road, by utility lines, new decking, docks - SOLD

See 2 new waterfront homes now going up at Payne Lake, join them - You can build too!
Own this lake property with a new 2500 square foot home - $299,900 start.
See 1.46 acres New 2015 Lake House 150' on Payne Lake $265,000

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Rare and unique - truly a once in a lifetime situation. Payne Lake's scenic beauty is simply epic. Since 1998 we have never offered better lake views than Payne Lake. The 1600 acre state forest and adjoining DEC protected lands, protects 3 of the 4 sides of this glacial lake from development, keeping the natural lake views pristine and forever wild. Explore the 1600 acre state forest for endless recreation too! The jaw dropping beauty is enough to own Payne Lake, however there are other reasons making Payne Lake worth the extra drive.

Call and ask about a unique property tax situation that currently exists in the Payne Lake area and may continue to exist for generations to come. This potential savings when compared to other New York lakes makes it worth the call now.

Also our local proven builders (who are currently building 12 other lake homes on former Land First signature lakes for new lake property owners like yourself) are able to offer more affordable turn key homes than the national averages suggest. So please make the call today to see Payne Lake and view new lake home options, meet proven builders and discover local financing all in one appointment. We look forward to your call.

UPDATE, PLEASE NOTE: We sold 10 properties at Payne Lake so far and have seen 2 new lake homes go up. Also another 2 more lake homes have been immediately planned by our recent lake buyers at Payne Lake. Join a healthy lake with upscale new growth, be a part of something grand and exciting. Book your tour and see 12 new lake homes now under construction by our suggested proven builders. Join the near $3 million in recent year lake home construction our last 2 signature lakefront opportunities. Yes it is that nice - just look at the images included below.

Since 1998 Land First has helped hundreds of discerning waterfront property owners find their dream property. You can own the dream too!

1.6 acres, 152’ on Lake, drive off paved road, by utility lines, new decking, docks - SOLD

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***SOLD*** 1.43 acres, however now see 2 similar adjoining lake properties for sale:
Now choose from:
View 1.53 acres with 122 feet on Payne Lake $119,900.
See 1.46 acres New 2015 Lake House 150' on Payne Lake $265,000