6 acres 400' Oswegatchie River $39,900

6 acres, extra wide 400 feet of waterfront on Oswegatchie River, 309' paved road by utilities, enjoy a 600’ internal driveway from paved road to waterfront building areas. Small seasonal brook flows to the river near waterfront building areas. Ideal southern exposure facing the river. This rare Adirondack style riverfront location is ideally surrounded by Trout Lake, Wolf Lake State Forest and the Adirondack Park Entrance near Edwards, NY: $39,900.

Swim, boat and relax. Fish for trophy size bass and massive northern pike, all from your very own 6 acres of waterfront with 400 feet on the famous OSWEGATCHIE RIVER. Big time Adirondack look and feel, imagine Saranac Lake or a Lake Placid setting but a century ago, minus the current high land costs and without the tourists.

Ideal waterfront acreage for a weekend cabin, waterfront home, RV, camping on, or just holding on to. We are the owners (Land First) and have been looking for suitable “Legacy Grade Waterfront” along the famous Oswegatchie River for about 22 years. After turning down dozens of possible other inferior sites we selected this one – Why this one? - Please read on.

3 MILES OF OPEN WATERS and 6 MILES OF FORESTED SHORELINES: Rare location allows for about 3 miles of open flat waters connecting to this unique property. Ideal flat waters for canoes, kayaks or john boats with small motors. Start at the Edwards VILLAGE Boat Launch and float with the slow current for about 2.5 miles back to your 6 acre property with very little effort and no rapids. View about 6 miles of wooded shorelines crowned with majestic forests. Imagine floating for 2.5 miles upon gentle waters, seeing only wilderness with only about 6 homes along 26,000 feet of riverfront shorelines – yes only about 6 homes for 2.5 miles of river are visible from the village limits to your 6 acres – wow! The tall trees along the river nicely shield the boater from cross winds too. True ADIRONDACK feel, tons of wildlife with amazing wilderness scenery with prime sport fishing too!

STATE FORESTS: The Adirondack State Forest is over 2.5 million acres of State Land and is America’s largest state park. The entrance to "The Park" is only a few minutes east of this 6 acre offer. Use over 500,000 local State Forest acres for endless outdoor exploration and limitless recreation. Other local State Forests a few minutes away are TROUT LAKE STATE FOREST, WOLF LAKE STATE FOREST and FIRE FALL STATE FOREST all with access points for enjoying lake and pond activities too. Smart land buyers over the decades purchase property along the EDGE of the Adirondack Park (but NOT IN the Park). At the edge of the park (like this 6 acre location), you can easily access the 2.5 million acres of State Forest, but you are just outside the Adirondack State Forest, so you do not have the Park’s more ridged building requirements, thus enjoying the best of both worlds - have easier building and endless recreation. State Forests have hiking trails, primitive lakeside camping sites and prime hunting areas for big deer and all other Adirondack game.

LAKES: Use the many local lakes upon State Forest such as: TROUT LAKE, WOLF LAKE, MOON LAKE, CEDAR LAKE and once you get to the Adirondack Park you can explore an additional 3,000 lakes, ponds and rivers here on State Land.

YEAR-ROUND RIDING TRAILS: The Township of Edwards is a special rural community allowing for both snowmobiling and ATV riding along designated trails and public roads. The paved road front directly connects to both the ATV trail system and the local snowmobile trails – so ride year round!

PAVED ROAD by UTILITIES: It’s not enough to have nice waterfront navigable for 3 miles. We also wanted to deliver waterfront that has both a PAVED ROAD with YEAR ROUND ACCESS with UTILITY lines along the paved road front, as found with this 6 acre offer. Own an extra wide 309’ of paved road by utilities along a year round road. The internal drive has rights to pull utilities from the paved road to the waterfront building sites too. A road with year round access near utilities allows you the option to live here 365 days a year if desired, which is nice option to have, especially when considering your retirement years.

ADDED AMENITIES: An internal 600 foot long drive allows for vehicle access deep into your 6 acres and places you closer to the water. If you had to pay for a 600’ driveway through woods (and you don’t here, because it already exists) you might spend an additional $20,000 to get a drive to the waterfront building areas from the paved road.  You can drive from the paved road to the nice waterfront building sites featuring scenic lawn clearings encircled by towering pines and healthy hardwoods along this drive. Ideal southern exposure when facing the river too. Gentle slopes along the shorelines allow for easy access into the water. Enjoy only minimal flood lines and minimal wet areas, both showing on the provided survey map, so there are many good areas to build without issue. Very healthy ground, level, extremely usable with suitable soils with an amazing Adirondack look and feel. Hiking trail now exists from the cleared areas to the water. The prior owner of this 6 acres was a serious green thumb hobbyist and skilled landscaper - tons of former gardens, scattered fruit trees and other natural improvements further enhance the ancient grand forest and scenic waterfront of this rare 6 acre offer.

ASSURANCES AND GUARANTEES: This is a “turn-key” property, recent survey, warranty deed, recently Town approved waterfront parcel, paperwork up to date, swift closing, title insurable, approved buildable, own within a week or so with a prompt attorney assisted closing.

FINANCING AVAILABLE from various local sources if needed. Also meet proven builders in area, see their recent builds for other satisfied waterfront owners. Get estimates or ideas for your dream place. Since 1998, we at Land First have helped hundreds of folks like you find dream waterfront. We have been doing this for 22 years and we feel you can own the dream too. Just email or call so we can visit more today about this Oswegatchie Riverfront land for sale by owner Land First.

“WHISPERING PINE SHORES” is an appropriate name given for this section of the Oswegatchie River. Visitors call this unique waterfront setting “park-like”, “naturally intoxicating” and “peacefully enchanting”. People who come don’t want to leave. People who have been want to return again and again. Some neighboring land owners are loving this river stretch so much, that weekend visits are not enough, they want to figure a way they can live here year-round – this speaks to how nice this location truly is.

HAVE A FAVORITE ADIRONDACK RIVER AREA? If you have ever been on the Oswegatchie River boating or fishing and you remember that special "post card spot", this would rival it.  Our staff has fished and boated most of the famous Adirondack Rivers for over 40 years and we wanted to offer riverfront that rivaled the very best Adirondack style river settings - this one does. When you see it you will probably agree. This is a rare opportunity - truly worth sharing with friends and unique waterfront property grand enough to hand down to loved ones.

We worked for 22 years to find just the perfect Adirondack Style location on the famous Oswegatchie River - this is the one, well worth the wait, and well worth your call and visit. Please call or email now so we can visit more, you will be glad you did.

6 acres, extra wide 400 feet of waterfront on Oswegatchie River, 309' paved road by utilities, enjoy a 600’ internal drive from paved road to waterfront building areas. Small seasonal brook flows to the river near waterfront building areas. Prime southern exposure facing the river, easy access to waterfront for swimming, fishing and boating.  This rare Adirondack style riverfront is ideally surrounded by Trout Lake, Wolf Lake State Forest and the Adirondack Park Entrance near Edwards, NY: $39,900.

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