6 acres 154' Payne Lake, Dock $69,900

6 acres, 154' lakefront on Payne Lake, 301' paved road by utilities, 200' Vrooman Creek, new stairs to a new dock: $99,900, now $69,900*

* This $69,900 special price was planned at $99,900, so save $30,000, now reduced to $69,900 for a swift sale.

NEVER BEFORE SHOWN - Survey map just filed before 2018. Never before built upon, be the first - locate your dream place along Payne Lake.

Enjoy 6.00 acres with 154 feet of lakefront on a natural glacial lake. This 6 acre forested Payne Lake property comes with paved road front by utility lines along a plowed road for year round access. Discover Payne Lake with over 150 acres of surface waters and 1,603 acres of lakeside state forest for exploration. Benefit from a public boat launch and green space forests (Pulpit Rock State Forest) protecting the opposite shore views from future development. Very rare, very unique, well worth a visit to see.

ALSO see 5 new lake opportunities, never before shown until now.


6.00 acres, 154' on Payne Lake, 301' paved rd, 200' Vrooman Creek, new dock provided: $69,900
2.35 acres, 230' on Payne Lake, 246' paved road by utilities, gated/locked drive: $89,900
6.01 acres, 151' on Pyane Lake, 300' paved road by utilities, 100' Vrooman Creek: SOLD

8.35 acres, 384' on Payne Lake, 547' Paved Road, 200' Vrooman Creek, new dock provided: $159,800


26.07 acres, 154' on Pyane Lake, 602' Paved Road, 600' Vrooman Creek: $124,800. (Combination Land First property with a Broker property, call for more info).

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Tour 2 acres up to 26 acres of new lake properties. Own 151' lakefront to 384' lakefront. New drives to lakeside building sites with nice gate with pad locked entry for optimal privacy. Includes 240' to 301' of paved road being a plowed road (year round access) by utilities. All three lake properties are next to each other so you could own 6 acres, 8 acres or even a 26 acre lake property here!

Explore 1,603 acres of STATE FOREST along the far lake side for endless recreational opportunities. Use Public Boat Launch, 6.00 acres includes a New 20'x6' dock, a recent survey, and more!

Meet onsite proven builders, see their local new lake houses now going up on PAYNE LAKE and other new lake homes near this lake! Join 3 new waterfront homes just up by Payne Lake and two more new lake houses under construction - yes it is that nice. In fact we have recently had 11 waterfront properties purchased here by Payne Lake by new land buyers - all discerning waterfront buyers, folks just like you. See what they saw and reserve your appointment - you will not be disappointed.

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Discover land financing from well established sources. (and also financing for new lake homes or lakefront cabins too!)

Financing available from various local sources - EXAMPLE: At $69,900 sales pricce with 35% down ($24,465) and fixed mortgage for 65% ($45,435) at 7.99% FMR over 15 years is $433.94 a month.

Sales Event for Payne Lake Waterfront Estates:
To be sold on a first come, first served, please call now.
6.00 acres, 154' on Payne Lake, 301' paved road by utilities, woods drive, new stairs, new dock: $69,900 financing available.
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