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PAYNE LAKE WATERFRONT ESTATES - Oxbow, NY, Jefferson County, New York
See 3 brand new lake properties with paved road front by utilities.
Call now for your private tour.
Forested lakefront properties with great fishing, boating and swimming.
Own unique lakefront with rare 1603 acre state forest along lake for endless exploration.


6.00 acres, 154' on Payne Lake, 301' paved road by utilities, dock: $69,900
6.01 acres, 151' on Payne Lake, 300' paved road by utilities, 100' Vrooman Creek: SOLD
2.35 acres, 232 feet of lakefront on Payne Lake, 246' paved road by utilities: $89,900

These are $99,900 lake properties offered at big discounts to the first few buyers.
11 similar properties claimed along Payne Lake in the last few years, financing available.
See 2 new lake homes now going up and 2 other lake houses recently finished on Payne Lake.
Meet proven lake home builders, see waterfront house examples along this lake and others.

CALL TO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT. Space for this event is limited, first come first served.

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SALMON STREAM - Orwell Township (Orwell, NY), Oswego County, New York.
See 10 new offers - brand new forested waterfront acreage!
Former Government woodlands for 6 decades, last private individual ownership in 1958.
Own waterfront property on a Lake Ontario - Salmon River tributary on a salmon stream.
Trophy trout fishing and salmon fishing on your own streamfront property, must see!
Salmon stream properties include 1705 feet of waterfront semi-private fishing rights.
Paved roads, plowed road front, private drives,some border the local ATV trails, utilities.

10.02 acres, 800' paved road, utilities, use Salmon River & Trout Lake: $29,900
5.03 acres, 70 feet trout stream, borders ATV trail, 200' paved rd, utilities: SOLD
10.13 acres, 208' Private Drive, lock/gated drive, woods, use lake & river: $24,900
7.30 acres, 204' Private Drive, timberlands, use Salmon River & local lakes: ON HOLD
20.157 acres, 800' paved rd, utilities, use Trout Lake, Salmon River: $54,800
5.01 acres, 200' paved road, utilities, woods, use 164 acre lake & river: SOLD
5.53 acres, 135' salmon creek, 211' paved rd, utilities, 1705' fishing rights: PENDING
5.09 acres, 179' trout stream, 358' waterfront, 1705' stream fishing rights: SOLD
7.40 acres, 373' Private Drive, nice woods, use ATV trails, lake and river: SOLD
4.724 acres, 96 feet salmon creek, borders ATV trail: SOLD
6.84 acres, 274' salmon stream, 548' streamfront, 1705' waterfront fishing rights: SOLD
5.01 acres, 298' salmon creek, 1705' creekfront fishing rights: SOLD
5.02 acres, 271' salmon stream, 542' creekfront, 1705' waterfront fishing rights: SOLD
5.18 acres, 355' Private Drive, nice forest, use trout lake, Salmon River: SOLD
2.00 acres, 182' salmon creek, 1705' creek fishing rights: SOLD
6.00 acres, 501' salmon stream, 646' waterfront, 1705' fishing rights: SOLD
5.02 acres, 150' salmon stream, 172' pvd rd, util, 1705' fishing rights: SOLD

HOG BACK HEIGHTS - Orwell Township (Orwell, NY), Oswego County, New York.
View 7 new parcels between Altmar NY Bridge Boat Launch and Lower Reservoir Lake.
Last private individual ownership was in 1958 - locked up with government for 6 decades.
Ideal location in the Lake Ontario - Salmon River Corridor by the local ATV trail network.
Brand new - Beat the spring rush before the Pre-Sale Grand Opening Weekend.
All 7 parcels on paved roads, plowed roads, nice woods, utility lines - must see property!

6.00 acres, 302' paved road, utilities, drives, use lake and Salmon River: PENDING
5.01 acres, 287' paved road, utilities, use lake and river, by ATV trails: SOLD
6.02 acres, 286' paved road, utilities, access Salmon River and trout lake: SOLD
5.02 acres, 200' paved road, utilities, use Salmon River and 164 acre lake: ON HOLD.
5.02 acres, 239' paved rd, util, woods, Borders State Forest to Salmon River: SOLD
5.01 acres, 214' paved rd, utilities, driveway, use lake and Salmon River: SOLD
5.03 acres, 247' paved road, utilities, between trout lake & Salmon River: SOLD

LITTLE JOHN BOYLSTON - Boylston Township (Boylston, NY), Oswego County, NY:
Tour 3 new offers - off the market for decades - family estate liquidation.
Use 17,000 acre of state forest (by both Little John & Winona State Forests).
Fish for salmon, steelhead and trout on over 2 miles of various fishing streams
Hunt over 17,000 acres of remote "wilderness like" state forests.
Paved roads, plowed roads all with utilities by state forest and snowmobile trails.

5.2 acres, 439' paved road, utilities, well, by 17,000 ac NYS Forest: $19,900
10.5 acres, 539' paved road, utilities, by 17,000 ac State Forest: SOLD
5 acres, 333' paved road, utilities, by 17,000 ac State Forest: PENDING

SALMON RIVERBANK ESTATES - Albion Township, NY (Altmar, NY), Oswego County, NY:
See 5 once-in-lifetime properties, acreage not on the retail market since 1920, including:

See Ellis Cove Salmon Riverbank Estates (only 2 offers left, won't last):
8 acres 671' Salmon Riverbank $189,900 w/ 1045' paved road, utilities.
10.3 acres 700' Salmon Riverbank paved road, utilities: SOLD.
10 acres 655' Salmon Riverbank $129,900 w/ 417' paved road, utilities.

See Jake Basta Salmon Riverbank Estates (only 3 offers, no reserves):
3 acres 300' Salmon Riverbank $99,900 w/ 251' paved road, utilities.
2.5 acres 284' Salmon Riverbank $109,900, w/ 500' paved road, utilities.
6 acres 403' Salmon Riverbank $119,900 w/ 389' paved road, utilities.

Proven local financing available with historically great terms. Once these 5 are sold (one just sold to a family from Virginia), that is it, no more future releases...these rare and unique offers will not last long.

Now available to show you these 5 Salmon Riverbank properties 7 days a week.
Call: 315-387-2600

PAYNE LAKE WEST – Antwerp Township (Oxbow), Jefferson County, NY.
Enjoy Pulpit Rock State Forest and Indian River Lakes Region.
South of Alexandria Bay (1000 Islands), Northwestern Adirondacks.
1.53 acres, 122’ on Payne Lake, jaw dropping views: $99,900
1.46 acres, 152’ on Payne Lake by 1,603 acre State Forest: SOLD
5.21 acres, 351’ on Payne Lake, massive lakefront: $148,900
5.13 acres, 231’ on Payne Lake, prime shoreline: SOLD
1.60 acres, 152’ on Payne Lake, new decking, 2 new docks: SOLD
1.53 acres, 152' Payne Lake, 1600 acre state forest: SOLD

Tour the suggested new lake homes ideal for Payne Lake.
Payne Lake Properties, paved and private roads, by utilities.
3 lake property just sold, one with a new log-style lake home.
New lake home being built on the 1.46 acres in 2017!
2 Lake Properties on glacial lake with 1,603 acre State Forest.

PAYNE LAKE EAST – Antwerp Township, Jefferson County, NY
Discover the Thousand Islands Area and Adirondack Region.
Between St Lawrence River (A. Bay) and Oswegotchie River.
5.02 acres, 457' on Payne Lake, peninsula areas, dock: $149,900
1.01 acres, 123 feet on Lake, updated Lake Cabin: SOLD
3.15 acres, 459 feet on Payne Lake, largest waterfront: SOLD
26.30 acres, 457 feet on Payne Lake, 700' Creek: SOLD
1.96 acres on Payne Lake, paved road utilities: SOLD

See suggested Payne Lake homes and waterfront houses.
Payne Lake East by paved road, new driveways, by utilities.
3 property just sold, new driveway, well, septic now in!
1 last lake property on this epic natural lake section.


2.51 acres with paved road and utilities - $21,900. Enjoy over 800' of driveway along both the west side and south side - access 3 full sides of your property with 3 roadfronts. Nice level fields along the 157' paved road with half-acre of woods along the back southern line with good driveway access into the woods. Use nearby Sandy Creek State Forest for salmon-trout fishing or hunting. Ideal level ground, dry property for hobby farm, country home or fishing base-camp, or snowmobiling cabin. Was reserved for company, now released and the very last property at Bass Ponds near Sandy Creek State Forest, see why 12 other folks like you bought in this unique area.

2.51 acres, paved road, over 800' driveways, utilities by Sandy Creek State Forest - $21,900.

Real Estate Brokerage Opportunities:


VROOMAN CREEK - 20.07 acres, 400' Waterfront, Antwerp, NY

20 acres, 301' paved road, 400' waterfront on fishing creek,

with access to Payne Lake, near boat launch, utilities and State Forest.

Add LAKEFRONT, you can add adjoining 2 acres, 6 acres or 8 acres of Lake Property, now also for sale by Land First!

20 acres, 400' waterfront, lake access, add lake property if needed: $54,900

LAKE PENNOCK HOUSE - 10.02 acres, 580' on Lake, Orwell, NY
LAKE HOUSE COTTAGE - 10 acres, 580 feet lakefront: $178,900.
Lake Pennock by 3,465 acre Chateauguy State Forest with 2011 lake home.
3-story lake house (about 2,250 square feet) on hidden Tug Hill Lake.
Turn-key 2 bedroom, 1 bath, well, septic, plus some furnishings/equipment.
10 acres was originally 2 lots - so potentially subdivide into 2 lake properties!

PORTAFERRY LAKE: Borders Adirondack Park, Pitcairn, NY:
Portaferry Lake borders the Adirondack Park - former 1947 Boy Scout Camp
See 9 new lake homes and 3 new cabins our recent customers have built
Meet proven builder on Portaferry Lake who is finishing lake homes up now.
Call for tour and pricing info: Call: 315-387-2600

SALMON RIVER LOWER RESERVOIR (Trout Lake) w/ Salmon River:
5.3 acres paved road, utilities, use 164 acre trout lake and Salmon River: $22,900 - Call or email for more info
Own directly across the road from Salmon River Upper Fly Zone with State Land access and Salmon River Lower Reservoir (164 acre trout lake with car top boat access). Walk to boating and fishing,  enjoy public wilderness lake and world class river system.

AUTUMN LAKE by Salmon River and Salmon River Lower Reservoir - Orwell, NY
6 acres 300' on Autumn Lake: $79,900
Crystal clear waters of Autumn Lake await you and Golden Pond memories.
20+ adjoining parcels all sold out here, new lake homes and cabins now up.
1 brokerage opportunity here, unique lake property by famous Salmon River.

Land First owned offering that have recently sold out:

VROOMAN CREEK – Antwerp Township, Jefferson County NY.
Explore Payne Lake and Pulpit Rock State Forest.
Southern Thousand Islands - Indian River Lakes Region.
LAST ONE - 20 acres, 400’ Vrooman Creek, use Payne Lake: $54,900
See possible new cabins and waterfront houses.
Vrooman Creek Properties on paved road, by utilities and lake.
4 recently sold, new custom home now up, also 2 new barns.
Last Vrooman Creek parcel, use lake and 1,603 acre State Forest.  

TROUT BROOK – Orwell Township, Oswego County, NY.
Borders Trout Brook and the 622 acre Trout Brook Forest.
Salmon Stream properties use 2700 feet of Trout Brook.
Salmon River tributary - fish for salmon and various trout.
4.10 acres, 237’ on Trout Brook, borders state forest: SOLD.
5.539 acres, 160’ borders Trout Brook Forest: SOLD
14.25 acres, 230' on Trout Brook, adjoins state land: SOLD.
20.47 acres, 168' borders Trout Brook Forest, use Salmon Stream: SOLD
23.24 acres, borders Trout Brook Forest, 22' to Salmon Stream: SOLD
6.678 acres, 168’ Trout Brook Forest: - SOLD
See local cabins and new structures by proven builders.
7 recent sales here in last few months, won’t last.

ACORN ACRES – Sandy Creek Township, Oswego County, NY.
Use Trout Brook, explore 622 acre NY State Forest.
Salmon River Area, north of Pulaski, NY - east of Lake Ontario.
***Now SOLD OUT***
3.01 acres, wooded, stone walls, use State Forest: SOLD
6.44 acres, forested peninsula, on Basta Brook: SOLD
7.36 acres, big trees, stone walls, on Basta Brook: SOLD.
10.29 acres, woods, brook, use State Forest: SOLD.
10.15 acres, forested, end of road seclusion, brook: SOLD.
14.2 acres, 237' on Trout Brook, borders 600 ac state forest: SOLD.
17.65 acres, large growth forest, on Basta Brook: SOLD.
View proposed new cabins and ideal custom camps.
Acorn Acres by Trout Brook State Forest – Salmon River Area.
8 properties just sold here, 2 by adjoiners, it's that nice!
***Now Sold Out***

TROUT FOREST– Boylston Township, Oswego County, NY.
***Now Sold Out***
Use Trout Brook, explore bordering 622 acre state forest.
3.163 acres, 440’ borders Trout Brook State Forest: SOLD
9.047 acres, 526’ town road, utilities, use 600 acre state forest: SOLD
Enjoy plowed roads, utilities, by Trout Brook and State Forest.
View new cabins and custom homes by local builders.
8 recent sales of nearby Trout Brook properties.
CALL: 315-387-2600  

COAN POND LAKE – Amboy Township, Oswego County, NY.
Use Happy Valley State Land and Stone Hill State Forest.
Southern Salmon River Area - Southwest Tug Hill Region.
LAST ONE - 5.74 acres, 74’ on Coan Pond Lake: SOLD
5.75 acres, 74’ on Coan Pond Lake: SOLD
7.25 acres, 100’ on Coan Pond Lake: SOLD
11.49 acres, 148' on Caon Pond Lake: SOLD
1 New Lake Properties, paved road by utilities - Last Lake Property Here!
Ask about new cabins or lake houses for Coan Pond Lake.
7 recently sold, new lake house up.
Lake Properties by 9,761 acre NY State Forest.

DEER CREEK by Sandy Creek State Forest - Sandy Creek, Oswego County, NY.
27.84 acres, 700' Deer Creek, 300' road, use Sandy Creek State Forest: SOLD
Prime deer hunting forests with 700' trout stream running through the property.
6 adjoining parcels sold here, cabins up, drive gated and locked for extra privacy.
1 brokerage opportunity here, access 532 acre state forest, own 700' of Deer Creek!

PORTAFERRY LAKE borders Adirondack Park, Town of Pitcairn, St. Lawrence County, NY:
4 lake cabins plus bath, 1.09 acres with 156' on Portaferry Lake: SOLD
Join Portaferry Lake with 10 new lake homes and 7 new lake cabins, be a part of millions of dollars in recent custom new lake house builds and waterfront cabin updates. Portaferry Lake was a former 1940's Boy Scout Camp and is a natural glacial lake bordering the western Blue Line of the Adirondack Park. Amazing deep water lake holding trophy lake trout and small mouth bass. This pristine Adirondack lake has depths reaching 100 feet and a surface area of about 90 acres, all encircled with century old pines and towering evergreen forest. This is an Adirondack postcard lake setting, worth a look - you will not be disappointed. Ideal 4 cabins and bath allows for immediate enjoyment, amble area to site your new lake house here too - call today to see the land, meet proven builder who are currently on the lake finishing other new lake houses, explore attractive local financing options too.
19 adjoining parcels sold here, 7 lake cabins up plus 9 new lake homes.
1 brokerage opportunity here, won't last.

Other Current Sell Outs:
Portaferry Lake – 20 lake properties sold, 12 new homes going up and 7 cabins.
Bass Ponds at Deer Creek State Forest – 11 Waterfront Properties recently delivered.
Lake Pennock – 22 waterfront properties sold, 10 new cabins and camps now up.

We have delivered over 3,000 unique acres to over 300 new customers since 1998.

Why do our new properties swiftly sell out? Many customers say it is the combination of prime waterfront and choice state forest access. Also because these unique properties are “turn-key” with the proper assurances and guarantees you deserve. Our new properties include a recent survey, a warranty deed (the best deed form available in New York State), physical and legal access, full disclosure, protective deed enhancements, and title insurance availability. In fact, our properties are so up to date, most of our attorney assisted closings deliver ownership within 2 to 4 weeks. Plus these are NOT re-sale properties nor are they "used" properties, usually these are new first time ever offers.

See rare waterfront properties and unique state forest situations, meet proven local builders, see new cabins and learn about custom home options. Discover various financing options with historically low terms and attractive rates. Wonder what others are building on our recently sold land? - Check out the new waterfront homes our customers are now building on Land First property. Grow with Land First and discover our difference. Enjoy confidence and peace of mind when owning your next dream property.

UPDATE: Now showing properties 7 days a week for your convenience, please call now to book your appointment to see these exciting properties, you will not be disappointed, we look forward to your visit and call.

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