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10.34 acres 700 feet Salmon Riverbank $149,900 by Wire Holes and Ellis Cove.Salmon Riverbank, Oswego County, Township of Albion, Hamlet of Altmar, New York.

Off market since 1920, once in a lifetime opportunity to own riverbank acreage along the famous Salmon River.

***UPDATE - This 10.34 acres is now SOLD ***
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Imagine owning 700 feet of Salmon Riverbank between "Ellis Cove" and  "Wire Holes" along the northeast shorelines of the Salmon River. Amazing 680 feet of paved road front along "Bridge Street" (aka County Route 52) with utility lines and paved year round access via plowed road frontage.

The Salmon River is an international fishing destination with world record fish caught in Salmon River and nearby Lake Ontario. Discover world class salmon fishing and year round trophy trout fishing. Salmon River is home to two major fishing records - biggest Chinook Salmon ever caught in the Great Lakes region (weighing 47 pounds, 13 ounces) and the largest Coho Salmon (33 pounds, 4 ounces) caught anywhere in the world.

New Altmar, NY Riverbank Property:

This is a unique offer, truly legacy grade property. Interest is high and demand will be strong. Salmon Riverbank properties will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Once this 10.34 acres (and the other 5 Salmon Riverbank properties) are sold, no other releases are available - so this is it, when the 6 Salmon Riverbank Estates are claimed by new owners, they are gone forever. Please act now.

Walk up stream to Altmar Bridge, Altmar boat launch and the Upper Fly-Zone. Use the network of DEC fishing easements and fish 8 miles of the Salmon River right off your own Riverbank. Also walk down river to Ellis Cove and Ellis Cove parking area. You can access these areas by road, or by the connecting fishing easement along the shores of Salmon River.

Enjoy 12 miles of public fishing area (described by NYSDEC below):

The Salmon River is located in Oswego County near the village of Pulaski. There are 12 miles of Public Fishing Rights (PFR’s) along the river. The Salmon River is a world class sport fishery for Chinook and coho salmon, Atlantic salmon, steelhead (rainbow trout),and brown trout. Smallmouth bass are also found in the river. The Salmon River is stocked annually with around 300,000 Chinook salmon, 80,000 coho salmon, 100,000 steelhead (rainbow trout) and 30,000 Atlantic salmon. Significant natural reproduction also takes place in the river. The Salmon River Fish Hatchery is located on a tributary to the Salmon River and is the egg collection point for all of the NYS Lake Ontario Chinook and coho salmon, and steelhead stocking program.

How big are these Salmon River Fish? - Link to see pictures of Salmon River NY Big Fish.

See 6 new Salmon Riverside properties, tour over 3000 feet of available riverbank upgraded with over 3000 feet of paved road front with utilities, all held off the market for 96 years - until now. Have peace of mind knowing a 33' fishing easement allows your riverside access from Altmar Bridge to Ellis Cove, furthermore a nicely forested NY Conservation Easement along the river helps preserve the Salmon River from Ellis Cove south about 3000 feet. These 2 important easement benefits helps protect your riverbank property, so you can have extended fishing easement opportunities and should always have forested views. With a nice wooded buffer zone along your stretch of Riverbank matched with extended fishing easement areas spanning over 3000 feet, these both help protect your natural wooded vistas and forest views, while granting your amazing river accessibility along a pristine treeline river, now and into the future.

Fish your Salmon Riverbank and connect to about 8 miles of public uninterrupted riverbank fishing from Altmar Bridge, down river 3 miles to Pineville Bridge, then fish 5 more miles down stream to the Pulaski Rail Road Bridge. Wow, that's over 40,000 feet of world class riverside fishing from your new Salmon Riverbank property.

Also use the free Altmar boat launch by the Altmar Bridge/CO RT 52 and fish miles of river from the comfort of your drift boat. If you launch your boat from the Altmar Bridge public launch (County Route 52) and float down river, you then can fish and dock down stream and pick up with a second vehicle at a lower drift boat launch area, like the drift boat launch area at Pineville Bridge at County Route 48 (about 3 miles down stream) or at Compactor Pool at County Route 2A launch area (about 7 miles down the Salmon River from the Altmar Bridge).

Location: Salmon River, New York - Altmar, NY - Salmon River, Ellis Cove Riverbank Estates:

The 10.34 acres is ideally located along County Route 52 and runs parallel with the Salmon River between the Tar Hill Road fishing parking area and Ellis Cove fishing areas. This riverbank acreage has picture perfect high knoll that is level with the roadfront. From this very usable and desirable area you have western vista views of the forested river valley below. Also enjoy about 1000' of a seasonal brook that provides live water running through the center of the wooded acreage that draws in deer and wild game birds. Medium sized trees of oak, black cherry and maple in the center and along the riverbank provide nice cover and some old apple trees intermixed throughout the property provide fruit for the wildlife as well.

This 10.34 acres is also potentially sub-dividable into (2) two parcels both new parcels to be at least 5.01 acres or more each. The protective deed covenants exist to protect the future land values and the environmental integrity; they also allow for like-type fishing uses and fishing lodging similarly found on County Route 52 near the Altmar Bridge if they meet all regulations and requirements.

The 10.34 acres is ideally situated for a fly-fisherman's cabin, a riverside vacation house or a salmon fishing home. RV use is allowed 3 of 4 seasons, and in the winter RV's must be stored on-site within a garage or moved off site during winter months.

Meet proven local builders with nearby new houses now up. Tour different cabins and homes to select exactly what you need. Local financing available from various sources. Land First has helped over 300 people like yourself own rare and unique water use properties since 1998, you can join them - now you can build your dream place too! You cannot beat the Salmon River for a fishing destination, and you cannot beat Land First's assurances and guarantees.

Salmon River, NY: We cannot repeat how rare this once in a generation opportunity is at Salmon Riverbank Estates. Please do yourself a favor and book your personal appointment to see this property today. You will be glad you did, and will not be disappointed. Your friends and family may thank you for decades for making this one important phone call today.

10.34 acres 700 feet of Salmon Riverbank $149,900.

Salmon Riverbank, Oswego County, Township of Albion, Hamlet of Altmar, New York.

Off market since 1920, once in a lifetime opportunity to own rare riverbank acreage along the shores of Salmon River.

***UPDATE - This 10.34 acres is now SOLD ***
Now see the other 10 acre 655' Salmon Riverbank Property $129,900 before it is gone too.

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***UPDATE - This 10.34 acres is now SOLD ***
Now see the other 10 acre 655' Salmon Riverbank Property $129,900 before it is gone too.