Salmon River

Salmon River Region in upstate New York begins in the east on the Tug Hill Plateau, and then flows west to Lake Ontario at Port Ontario, NY.

The beginning headwaters of the Salmon River start high upon the Tug Hill Plateau in areas that constantly receive over 300 inches of annual snow fall. This massive snowfall is the most any area receives in the United States west of the Rocky Mountains. In addition to the extreme snow fall the Salmon River is home to the Tug Hill aquifer. This gigantic submerged system of underground lakes and waterways support the very best salmon and steel-head trout fisheries found in all of Northeastern USA. Many U.S. and world record fish were caught from the Salmon River, or the where the Salmon River at Lake Ontario connect.

Starting in the Osceola (Lewis County) and Redfield (Oswego County), New York regions the Salmon River flows east first into the Salmon River Reservoir (Redfield, NY and Orwell, NY). The Salmon River Reservoir is an eight mile long wilderness lake formation with miles of protected shorelines buffered by State Forests. Numerous boat launch areas can be found on 3 of the 4 lake's shores. After the Salmon River Reservoir the river continues east though Orwell, NY through the Salmon River Gorge and over the Salmon River Falls. The Salmon River Falls is a 100 acres State Park Unique Area with hiking, picnic and viewing areas of the spectacular 110 foot dropping falls into a prehistoric deep gorge. The Salmon River Falls Park can be accessed from Falls Road in Orwell, New York.

After the dramatic water falls, the Salmon River flows into the Lower Salmon River Reservoir, roughly a 550 acre lake used for hydro power and recreation. Two public boat launches for non-motor boats exist along the lake's shores.

The Salmon River then flows east through the townships of Albion, NY and Richland, NY, running through the New York hamlets and Villages of Altmar, Pineville, Centerville, Pulaski and ending at Port Ontario's harbor. Various areas are open along the river for world class trophy fishing for King Salmon, Chinook Salmon, Brown Trout, Steel-head (Rainbow) Trout and Atlantic Salmon. The Salmon River New York State Fish Hatchery in Altmar, NY helps support millions of eggs and fingerings, assuring a healthy fish population becoming a stocking program that is second to none.

Drift boats fish for the prized sport fish year round. Fly-fishing only zones exist on the upper reaches of the Salmon River between Altmar, NY and the Lower Salmon Reservoir. Bald eagles and osprey fisher hawks are common aerial anglers adding to this pristine wilderness setting. Late summer and early fall Salmon will "stage" on Lake Ontario, gathering together in great numbers at Port Ontario where the river meets the lake, providing for some great salmon fishing by boat.

Besides great fishing the abundance of water supports excellent boating, kayaking and other water sports. Over 20,000 acres of state forest exist in the Salmon River area open for public hunting, hiking, exploring as well as fishing. Snowmobile trails and ATV trails run near the river and extend into the Tug Hill region and beyond. The area also has some of the most consistent snowmobile trails due to the hundreds of inches of lake effect snowfall the region receives. Wild game bird and white tail deer are plentiful too.

The Salmon River provides for a thriving tourism economy of local restaurants and lodging found in Pulaski, New York and the surrounding areas. Since 1998 Land First has delivered dozens of properties along the Salmon River and within the Salmon River region. Call us today for a tour of our current opportunities in this exciting recreational area, our office is only 10 minutes away this river.

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