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Payne Lake, NY


Pre-Sale Showings – NOW AVAILABLE – See the lake properties now and beat the crowds, plus the discounts are available.

JUNE 8-10, 2018:

Grand Sale Event June 8-10 Weekend – Discounts available with some closing costs free this weekend.

New 6 acres 154’ on lake, paved road by utilities, planned $99,900 price, now $69,900

Save $30,000!

5.2 acres, 351’ on lake, new dock, paved road by utilities, was $148,900, now $118,900.

See why 3 different waterfront buyers recently purchased property here and are now making their year round homes at Payne Lake. Yes, it is that nice – 3 new families are now living along Payne Lake. Local financing available, and meet proven builders with new homes at Payne Lake.

Tour the last 5 lake properties at Payne Lake, please call now because we our lake properties are over 60% sold out with 8 sales, and our lake access properties are 100% sold out with 5 sales.

Feel confident and join over $1.7 million dollars in recent land sales and improvements at Payne Lake. See 3 new waterfront homes just built by customers like you and join a few other waterfront cabins now up.

The last 5 acre lake property we sold at Payne Lake was for $175,000, so this 5.2 acre release, with extra-wide lakefront of 351 feet, temporarily marked down $30,000 from $148,900 to $118,900 should be a true value.

Why the deep discount? We wish to sell these two lake properties swiftly making room and resources for our summer inventory. They should not last.

Want an even bigger value than the 5.2 acres with 351’ on lake at $118,900? Come see our new 6 acres with 151’ on Payne Lake planned for $99,900, now on sale for just $69,900. Plus you can tour the other 3 lake properties we own here.

Want over 25 acres on a lake?

You could own 26.07 acres with 154’ lakefront for just $124,800 – call for more info.

Our first 7 lake property sales at Payne Lake averaged 2.2 acres with 189’ lakefront for a $102,700 average sales price. So the new 6 acres with 151’ lakefront at $69,900 and the new 5.2 acres with 351’ lakefront at $118,900 should be well received.

*The $30,000 savings on each of these 2 lake properties is good until June 30th 2018 for 2 lucky buyers, as are the 3 other Land First lake properties at Payne Lake with a single temporary $10,000 mark down for a single first buyer. All price discounts require prompt 2-5 week +/- closings.

Save $30,000!

6 acres, 154’ lakefront, 100’ Vrooman Creek, new dock, use 1600 acre State Forest, 301’ paved road by utilities: Planned $99,900, now just $69,900.*

5.2 acres, 351’ lakefront, 521’ paved road with utilities, new dock, use 1,600 acre State Forest: was $148,900, now just $118,900.*

Save $10,000!

The first buyer of one of these 3 parcels below could save $10,000!

2.35 acres, 232’ Payne Lake, 246’ paved road by utilities, use State Forest: $89,900

(With potential first buyer savings of $10,000 then just $79,900*)

1.53 acres, 122’ Payne Lake, 150’ ROW Drive, use State Forest, near NYS Boat Launch: $99,900

(With potential first buyer savings of $10,000 then just $89,900*)

5.02 acres, 457’ Payne Lake, 352’ paved road by utilities, semi-private boat launch, dock: $149,900

(With potential first buyer savings of $10,000 then just $139,900*)

Only the first buyer can receive up to $10,000 in discounts/savings on the above 3 offerings, so call now.

Or See:

26.07 acres, 150+’ Payne Lake, 602’ paved road by utilities, 400’ Vrooman Creek: $124,800 - no sales price discounts available on this one.

Financing available from various local sources for land or discover loans for new cabins and homes too.

Meet proven builders, see their new lake homes now up at Payne Lake and other new builds in region.

Payne Lake – Have it all!

NATURAL GLACIAL LAKE – with over 150 acres of surface area. Quiet and scenic, no motor boats over 10 horse-power rule keeps it peaceful and pristine. Dockable lakefront with excellent fishing for bass, pike, tiger musky and other sport fish. Boat, fish, swim, and relax. Enjoy a sleepy public boat launch open to your uses too – makes it easy to get boats, docks and equipment in and out of your shoreline.

STATE FOREST: Pulpit Rock State Forest - Use 1604 acre State Forest bordering Payne Lake for endless exploration and outdoor recreation. This vast State Forest also helps protect 3 of the 4 lake sides from future home development – So your future generations can have commanding views water, forests and nature.

PAVED ROADFRONTS by UTILITIES: Have year-Round Access! Most Payne Lake properties come with PAVED ROAD by UTILITIES for the opportunity for year round access and for year round living and/or year-round use.

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: Ideally located in the INDIAN LAKES REGION between the ADIRONDACK PARK and the THOUSAND ISLANDS. The look and feel of all 3 regions at your doorstep. This location is also sought after by many smart land buyers because a large federal reserve has been located within the area for almost 100 years, which has historically helped keep local property taxes reasonable.

TURN-KEY PROPERTIES: Warranty Deed, Attorney Assisted Closings, Full Disclosure Agreements, Title Insurance Available, Smart Deed Rules and Recent Survey. We can close within a few short weeks because the paperwork is up to date.

6 acres, 154’ on Payne Lake, Paved Road by Utilities, Use State Forest, Dock: Planned $99,900, now just $69,900.

5 acres, 351’ on Payne Lake, Paved Road by Utilities, Use State Forest, Dock: Regular Price $148,900, now just $118,900.

26 acres, 150+’ on Payne Lake, 400’ Vrooman Creek, Paved Road by Utilities, Dock: $124,800.

See why 13 other waterfront properties recently sold here and why several happy families are building their dream lake homes at Payne Lake.

Well worth the look, you will be glad you made the effort.

Plus see 3 other Payne Lake Properties on your VIP tour. Meet builders, financing available.

Now available 7 days a week for your personal showing or book a time slot.

Call Bill or George at 315-387-2600.


New Payne Lake Waterfront Estates


6.00 acres, 154' on Payne Lake, 301' paved road by utilities, 200' creek, new dock:
Planned price $99,900, sales event price $69,900.

2.35 acres, 232 feet on Payne Lake, 243' paved road by utilities:
Planned price $99,900, sales event price $89,900.

6.01 acres, 151' on Payne Lake, 300' paved road, by utilities, 100' creek:
Planned price $99,900, sales event price SOLD

26.07 acres, 154' on Payne Lake, 602' paved road by utilities, 500' creek, new dock:
Planned price $159,800, now $124,800.

It took us over 15 years to find, aquire and develop this lake area, these should be claimed soon. Should be claimed by new owners within the year,  they are that nice. These lake properties have gated drive with pad locked entry for extra privacy and are on a plowed paved road for year round access - use nearby state forest with public boat launch too!

"Insanly rare and massively unique" - these new lake properties overlook the 1,603 acre state forest bordering Payne Lake for endless recreation and exploration PLUS this Pulpit Rock State Forest protects your opposite lake-shore views from future development. Overlook water and forests, not other lake homes! Enjoy rare commanding views of BOTH the glacial lake and the virgin state forest. Pristine LAKEFRONT properties with dramatic vista views of "forever" STATE LAND FORESTS and natural waterways! All this with paved road, year round access by utilities - that is why we say these lake properties are insanly rare and massively unique. Where else can you find lakefront acreage with paved road by utilities surrounded by state forests? You can't, so please call or email now - you will be glad you did.
Email for more info or your appointment


Call: 315-387-2600

See 3 new Lake Properties never before shown by Land First!
Tour 2 acre to 26 acre new lake properties.
Own 150' lakefront to 232' lakefront.
All with new drives (gated and Locked) for optimal privacy.
All with 150' to 246' of paved roads. Plowed roads by utilities.
All with access to 1,603 acres of STATE FOREST along lake.
Public Boat Launch, New Dock, New Survey, and more!

Meet onsite proven builders, see their local new lake houses.
Discover financing from well established sources.

Grand Opening Sales Event
Payne Lake Waterfront Estates

Space is limited, first come, first served, call now

For Your VIP Showing

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Other new properties:

New Salmon Stream Properties

The last private person to own these properties was in 1958!
Never before built upon salmon stream properties - be the first to build here.
Former government woodlands, held for 6 decades, to be liquidated to a select few.

These should have been claimed decades ago, but they were never for sale.
So after almost 60 years, they have been unlocked, and are now available to you.


10 acres, 800' paved road, utilities, use trout lake and Salmon River: $29,900
5.5 acres, 150' Salmon River-Lake Ontario tributary, utilities, paved road: SALE PENDING

10 acres, use trout lake, Salmon River and new State Forest: $24,900
7.4 acres, use Salmon River and access 164 acre trout lake: SOLD
20 acres, paved road fornt utilites, use Salmon River and a hidden trout lake: $54,800

6 acres, 646' salmon stream-front, 1705' waterfront fishing rights: SALE PENDING
6.8 acres, 274' Salmon Stream, 1705' waterfront fishing rights: SALE PENDING.

See why 19 properties sold here in 2017, now other new release Salmon Fishing Properties to see in 2018!

3 new salmon fishing properties many with salmon stream access, utilities and paved roads.

Once in a lifetime opportunity to own beautiful waterfront properties along a salmon stream.
Enjoy pristine creek properties along a Lake Ontario-Salmon River tributary.
Nicely wooded within a secluded forest setting, many with paved roads, utilities, gated/locked driveways and more.

Discover trophy trout fishing and world class salmon fishing on your own property or along the nearby waterways. Many international freshwater fishing records set in this area along the local salmon streams, Salmon River and Lake Ontario.

10 acres, use a Trout Lake and access Salmon River at Ellis Cove: $24,900
2 acres, 182' Salmon Stream, 364' waterfront, 1705' fishing rights: SOLD
5 acres, paved road, utilities, use lake and Salmon River: SOLD
26 acres, 501' Salmon Stream, 800' paved road, utilities: SOLD
20 acres, 800' paved road, use 1643 acre Trout Lake and Salmon River: $54,800

View 3 new salmon fishing properties (19 just sold!) - see them all!

In 2016 we had similar salmon stream properties and they sold out in a matter of months, 85% of these sold out in 2017, come see why, worth the look.
These new stream properties are even better and should sell out even faster because this waterfront tributary is much, much closer to the Salmon River waterway connection point (meaning more fish on your property and more fishing access areas near your property) AND they are much closer to Lake Ontario, Pulaski, Altmar and the Salmon River-Lake Ontario Recreational Corridor, (meaning you are closer to the prime public fishing areas, nearer to the countless boat launches and bordering the other public recreational resources - like 20,000 acres of regional state forests).

We had 19 of these new properties claimed by new owners in 2017 - wow, see the last few releases before they go fast.

Email for more info or your appointment

Financing available from various local sources. Meet proven builders and see the new cabins and custom homes now going up within the areas.

These new properties come with all the important assurances and guarantees Land First has been delivering to hundreds of sanctified customers since 1998. Assurances like: Warranty Deed, recent fully registered survey (filed at County and marked in field), title insurance availability, up to date paperwork to allow for a swift transfer and quick closing.

The last private individual ownership was almost 60 years ago!
Former government woodlands locked-up since the 1950's now released to a select few.

Someone would have probably built a dream place here 20 or 30 years ago, but it was never available for sale, because the local Township owned the property for almost 60 years. You could almost say this waterfront land has waited a long time for you, and it is worth your extra effort to see this one.

Make history and be the very first person to build a dream place here. Locate your new vacation home, fishing lodge or family getaway place here. This is legacy grade real estate worth handing down to loved ones. Worth your time to email us, worth a visit to view.

See 3 new salmon fishing properties
Do yourself a favor and book your appointment to see these unique new properties.
You will not be disappointed, and will be glad you did.
We look forward to visiting with you.

Call: 315-387-2600
Email for more info or your appointment



5.2 acres, over 400' paved road/utilities, well, use 17,000 ac forest $19,900
5 acres, 333' paved road/utilities, use 17,000 acres state forest $18,900

10 acres over 500' paved road/utilities use 17,000 acres state forest SOLD
See our very last property between
Little John & Winona State Forests, Boylston, NY.

The 10 acre property sold here both went to snowmobiliers who looked around and purchased here because of the Tug Hill lake effect snow and the close proximity to the vast trail system between Boylston, Redfield and surrounding Tug Hill - plus these new properties all have paved roads, (a main road so it is ususally plowed often and first). These properties all have utility lines along the paved road, nice woods, close to state forest for fishing, hunting and other year-round recreation.

Call: 315-387-2600

Salmon River / Altmar, NY:

See 5 new Salmon Riverbank properties, off the market since 1920, never built upon yet, be the first!

UPDATE: The 10.34 acres 700' Salmon Riverbank property in now SOLD (Family from Virginia the proud new owners) - but see the other 5 new Salmon Riverbank properties now before they are gone.

Large acreage properties along Salmon Riverbank, up to 10 acres; this is a very rare, once in a lifetime offer - very unique, must see properties.

Be the first to see 5 new Salmon Riverbank properties along Ellis Cove, Wire Holes and Schoolhouse Pools by Altmar, NY. Tour 10 acres with 700' Salmon Riverbank, or view 3 acres with 300' Riverbank, walk 6 new Salmon Riverbank properties!

See 29 acres with over 2300' Riverbank - all for sale!

Be the very first to tour these 6 new Salmon Riverbank properties and maybe be the very first to locate your fly fishing house here. Salmon River is home to many world and North American salmon and trout fishing records, but you already know this!

Salmon River boasts two major fishing records - biggest Chinook Salmon ever caught in the Great Lakes region (weighing 47 pounds, 13 ounces) and the largest Coho Salmon (33 pounds, 4 ounces) caught anywhere on Earth.

Meet proven builders and see their local new build homes. Discover great financing packages. We have helped over 350 other land buyers secure their dream since 1998, now join them with complete confidence in owning a once in a lifetime legacy property along Salmon River. Ideal Salmon River location west of the Altmar Bridge near the Upper Fly Fishing Zone.

All properties come with paved road frontage and have utility lines running along each road front.

See 5 once-in-lifetime properties, acreage not on the market since 1920, including:

See Ellis Cove Salmon Riverbank Estates (only 3 offers, once they are gone, they are all gone):
10 acres 655' Salmon Riverbank $129,900 with 417' paved road, utility lines, acreage by Wire Holes
10 acres 700' Salmon Riverbank SOLD
8 acres 671' Salmon Riverbank $189,900 with 1045' paved road, utility lines, acreage by Ellis Cove

See Jake Basta Salmon Riverbank Estates (only 3 offers, once these are gone, no reserves):
3 acres 300' Salmon Riverbank $99,900 w/ 251' paved road, utility lines, by Schoolhouse Pools.
2.5 acres 284' Salmon Riverbank $109,900, 500' paved road, utilities, by Schoolhouse Pools.
6 acres 403' Salmon Riverbank $119,900 w/ 389' paved road, utility lines, acreage by Wire Holes.

Proven local financing available with historically great terms.

Once these 5 are sold, then it is over, no more future releases are available. These are rare opportunities and unique offers - will not last long.

Email us now for more info or your appointment: CONTACT US BY EMAIL

CALL: 315-387-2600

Properties include recent survey, warranty deed, and title insurance availability... also includes paved road front, plowed road front, utility lines/poles along each road front, title insurance availability, public fishing easement along Salmon River to access miles of world class fishing for trophy salmon and record trout, full disclosure package, protective deed covenants, up to date documentation - potentially close within 3 to 4 weeks!

Call 315-387-2600 and ask for Bill or George.

Once in a lifetime opportunity, rare pristine riverside setting, unique legacy offer.
Never been built upon, be the first riverside home on these 5 never before offered large parcels.
Be a founding family at Salmon Riverbank Estates, a rare and unique pioneer situation.

Join 12 new lake homes and 7 waterfront cabins now under construction on our other recently sold
24 waterfront properties. See millions of dollars in home construction by proven local builders. You can build too! Meet builders, tour homes, mix and match ideas, enjoy local financing from proven sources too!

New Salmon Riverbank Estates - Watch Video

See 5 New Salmon Riverbank properties, with paved road by utilities.

Salmon Riverbank - Now available to show you 7 days a week, please call now.

Email us now for more info:

CALL: 315-387-2600