Ellis Family Rural American Communities Since 1636

Ellis Family - Fostering Rural American Communities - Since 1636

"History doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes". - Mark Twain

Ours is a story about family and dreams come true. Across generations, for almost 400 years, the Ellis family has nurtured an appreciation for northeastern woods, rivers and lakes. Our earliest Ellis ancestors helped pioneer rural American communities, starting with John (Ellice) Ellis an original frontier settler of Medfield, MA in the year 1659 and earlier Dedham, MA in 1636. Today the Ellis family with Land First continue to create and share rural settings with others.

This way of rural life and land stewardship flowed like a river from generation to generation.

The dream is now a great reality, as we deliver beautiful rural properties with forested lakes and wooded waterfronts directly to you. Legacy properties worth enjoying with future generations.

Here is our family river flowing to you though rural America for almost 400 years:

John (Ellice) Ellis
1615 (abt.) – 1697

1635 England to Watertown, MA
1636 Dedham, MA founding member
1659 Medfield, MA founding member
1675 King Phillip’s War Service
Ellis Pond in Norwood, MA named after his family of descendants
Ellis Street in Medway, MA named after his family of descendants
Susanna (Lumber) Lombard, wife

6 Children  

John Ellis, Jr. 

1659  founding member (w/ father), 2nd land owner in Medfield, MA

1675 King Phillip’s War Service
1702 Medway, MA founding member
, original property owner.
Mary Hill, wife.
Hill’s: founding settlers of Dorchester, MA
6 Children

Samuel Ellis 

1722 English & French Conflict Service

1738 Sturbridge, MA; family helped settle area

"Ellis School" of Medway/Millis from years 1849-1913, named after family land grants
Dorothy Hall, wife. Hall’s: founding settlers of Duxbury & Bridgewater, MA
10 children

Benjamin (Lt.) Ellis  

1759 French & Indian War Veteran

1775 West Stafford, CT founding settler

1776 Revolutionary War, Patriotic Service DAR

Ellis Brook in West Stafford, CT named after him and descendants
Comfort Baker, wife Baker’s: founding settlers of Lynn & Roxbury, MA
11 children

Harvey Ellis

1802 East Longmeadow, MA founding settler
, home builder, carpenter
1802-1810 built home in East Longmeadow, MA
, historical registry home
1810 passed away 2 months prior to his son’s birth
Jerusha Spencer, wife. Spencer’s: founding members of Hartford, CT
3 children

Benjamin Franklin Ellis

Timber and lumber forester in various MA & CT rural communities

One of the last paid militia members in CT
Final retirement 100 acre farm in Vernon, CT
Emiline Kimball, wife
Kimball’s: founding members Ipswich & Bradford, MA
4 children

Samuel Kimball Ellis 

1864 Civil War, 25
th Reg. CT Vol. Pvt. Inf., War Veteran

Authored Civil War book, GAR Post 71 Commander & Chaplin
Milk delivery service, 100 acre dairy farm: Rockville/Ellington, CT
Community Arborist in year 1900, Rockville, CT
Sarah Lavina Towne, wife. Towne’s: founding settlers of Topsfield & Salem, MA
6 children

Carlton Samuel Ellis            

Managed or owned dairy farms in rural MI, PA, CT & NY

Started first insurance company in Sandy Creek, NY
Served as Town Clerk
of Sandy Creek, NY
Anna Schairer (Schairer of Germany), wife
. Town Clerk of Sandy Creek, NY
3 children

Arthur Kimball Ellis

World War II, Merchant Marine Veteran

Blount Lumber Company, Purchasing Manager
Fire Chief - Lacona, NY Vol. Fire Department
Helped build several of his family homes

Tymber Creek, FL:  HOA President, early resident

Norma Ruth Bentley Hane, wife. (Hane, Germany)
Bentley’s: founding members of Kingstown, RI
2 children

Kirk Ellis & Chris Ellis (Father & son creating rural NY communities with Land First since 1998)
Founders of Land First, Inc.

Before we began delivering beautiful real estate, we gained important land knowledge and wisdom from the others before us. From our family to yours, we look forward to visiting with you soon. Together we can make your dream a reality, benefiting you for decades to come.

If you share the dream of having your special place close to nature, then please give us a ring.

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 "The disadvantage of men not knowing the past is that they do not know the present. History is a hill or high point of vantage, from which alone men see the town in which they live or the age in which they are living."  - GK Chesterton  

"The true use of history, is not to make man clever for the next time, it is to make him wise forever."
- Michael Howard