8 Acres 671' Salmon Riverbank $159,900

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Size: 8.04 acres
Price: $159,900
Monthly: Call for Pricing
Types: Acreage , Homesite Land , Fishing Property
Location: Salmon River Ellis Cove Riverbank Estates

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We just sold the 10 acres bordering this 8 acre offer to the east, new owners are from Virginia, call now to see this 8 acre opportunity before it is gone, a new home in the $350,000 +/- range just went up on this adjoining 10 acres. Meet proven builders for ideas and quotes. We have now sold 5 properties here - this 8 acre offer is the very last opportunity, might be another 100 years before another one like this comes along.

8 acres 671' Salmon Riverbank at "Ellis Cove", 1045' paved road along utilities, only private property along Ellis Cove: $159,900 by Altmar, NY.

Off the market since 1920! - Be the very first to locate your dream fishing place here.

Once in a lifetime opportunity to own along Salmon Riverbank, own 8.04 acres with 671 feet of Salmon Riverbank along "Ellis Cove" between Altmar Bridge and Pineville Bridge.

Enjoy over 8 acres with a massive 1045 feet of paved road along Bridge Street (County Route 52) with 4 pre-existing power poles with utility lines along the this year-round plowed road.

Salmon Riverbank acreage comes with ideal high vista building area, a perfect level knoll overlooking the Salmon River waterway and forested woods below. Unique land also features some open meadow areas that hold deer and other natural wildlife.

Once in a lifetime opportunity to own legacy Salmon River real estate. See 8 acres with 671 feet of Salmon Riverbank at Ellis Cove just north of the Altmar, NY bridge. Only private property along Ellis Cove the other two adjoiners along the riverbank are New York State Forest. 

Rare and unique chance to own world famous fishing property. This new acreage has never been built upon, be the first to locate your new river house, fishing home or vacation cabin here!

This Salmon River area and Lake Ontario region is an international fishing destination boasting world record fish caught in the Salmon and Trout categories. Also several North American and New York State trout and salmon records have been caught here too. Amazing year-round world class freshwater fishing destination.

Walk and fish over 8 miles of fishing easement areas from this property, salmon and trout fish from the Altmar Bridge, to Wire Holes, to Ellis Cove, to Pineville Bridge and to Pulaski Rail Road Bridge - That's over 40,000 feet of world class Salmon River fishing from your doorstep. Launch drift boats and fish from the comfort of your boat too, 3 boat launches located within this 8 miles of Salmon River, the nearest boat launch is conveniently close by just down Bridge Street at the Altmar Bridge.

See this 8 acres and the 671 feet of new Salmon Riverbank we are now offering with 1045 feet of paved road with utilities. Be the first in over 100 years to privately own here and locate your dream fishing home. Only 3 riverbanks border Ellis Cove along Salmon River - 2 of the riverbanks are State Forest and the 3rd Riverbank is this 8.04 acres. Rare and unique opportunity, once in a lifetime situation.

On your appointment you can schedule to meet builders, see area new homes and discover local financing options too. See why over 350 people like yourself have purchased dream property from Land First since 1998. Learn why 12 new waterfront homes are now going up from our recent land sales in the area - you can build your dream home too!

Off the private individual market since 1920, be the first to privately own here in over 100 years!

8.04 acres 671 feet Salmon Riverbank was $189,900, now $159,900 temporary reduced price offer - along "Ellis Cove", Altmar, New York.

SPECIAL $159,900 price if you are our next buyer at Salmon River. Offer may end without notice. THIS IS THE VERY LAST OFFER HERE, no reserves, no future releases. Call for more info and call to lock in this $30,000 in savings by calling now.

Call: 315-387-2600